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Auto Insurance in Alabama

When leasing or buying a car in Alabama, it’s essential to make sure you have auto insurance to protect the investment. Auto insurance provides reassurance for recovering from your loss in case you’re involved in an accident, or the vehicle gets stolen, damaged, or vandalized by a natural disaster. At Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL, we encourage our customers to pay annual premiums instead of out-of-pocket, as they can be expensive. Remember, you never know the damage you can cause in an accident.

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto insurance is a policy designed to protect you against financial strain in the event of an accident or theft. Your insurance agency will require you to provide information about yourself and your vehicle, such as your name, age, address, car make, model, and year. The policy can pay for your losses up to the agreed amount.

Who is Covered By Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is an all-around policy that covers you, your family members, and everyone else who drives your vehicle with your consent. The policy protects you regardless of whether you’re driving to work, running errands, or taking a trip. It’s critical to note that your car insurance doesn’t cover loss, injury, or damage caused by commercial activities. For instance, if you’re using your vehicle for business activities such as carrying people or goods, you need to buy business auto insurance, which is also available at most Huntsville, AL insurance companies.

Is Auto Insurance Mandatory in Alabama?

All Alabama drivers must carry liability auto insurance to legally register, maintain and drive a vehicle in the state. This requirement took effect in 2013. Drivers must carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability, but there are optional coverages such as:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)

Which Factors Affect Auto Insurance Costs?

Some factors like poor driving record, living in high crime areas, having an old vehicle, and being a young male adult can quickly increase your premiums. You can work on improving some factors, such as your driving record to lower your premium rates.

For all your insurance needs in Alabama, please get in touch with our team at Larry Burkman Agency; we will be happy to help.

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