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Motorcycle Insurance in Alabama

As an Alabama motorcyclist, you legally must carry motorcycle insurance and will need to show proof of this when registering with the Motor Vehicle Administration for Alabama. The requirements for the state dictate that a motorist have property damage and bodily injury liability coverage.

If you’re involved in an accident where you don’t have sufficient coverage as stipulated by the state of Alabama, you will be responsible for the excess out-of-pocket. Additional coverage recommended for a motorist for personal protection includes comprehensive and collision, both optional policies.

The legally required coverage looks out strictly for the other individual if there is an accident or loss.

While collision coverage will help with repairs or the possible replacement of your motorcycle if there were a loss due to an accident, the comprehensive plan protects the bike in cases of perils, including vandalism, fire, flood, or theft.

In order to be an insured, safe motorcycle driver in Alabama, motorists must be 16 years of age with a valid “Class M” license. In an effort to avoid potential harm when riding a motorcycle, riders are mandated to wear a helmet.

The specifications for the bike are stringent in that the handlebars need to be no greater than 15 inches above the seat, and there has to be at least one mirror with no designation as to which side – personal preference is permitted.

When working with a potential motorcycle policyholder, the Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL will assess your unique risks as a motorist beginning with age and experience on the road.

Our agents strive to ensure that you and those driving around you will be safe. We prioritize your best interest when discussing coverage that we believe will be of superior protection and present that as the optimum policy.

You’ll be able to ride with the confidence that you and your bike are safe under the watchful eye of the Larry Burkman Agency. Reach out by visiting our office to discuss your bike or give us a call to set up a plan.

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