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Six Benefits of Commercial Insurance You May Not Be Aware Of

Business insurance is practical, protective, and potentially crucial to the future of your business. Some benefits are more obvious than others. Whether you own or operate a small business, one that is a start-up, or if you operate a large established company, commercial insurance can be very valuable. If you own a business in or around Huntsville, AL, here are six benefits of commercial insurance from the Larry Burkman Agency you may not be aware of.

Six Benefits of Commercial Insurance

1. It Can Build Consumer Confidence in Your Company

Advertising that your business is “fully insured” could be a competitive advantage. Consumers feel more confident in dealing with responsible organizations.

2. It provides Peace of Mind

Being a business owner is stressful enough without losing sleep over a slip-and-fall lawsuit or vandalism. You’ll sleep better knowing you are covered.

3. It Can Protect You from Theft

Business insurance can financially protect you from theft from the outside and from employees. Employee theft is one of the primary causes of small business bankruptcy.

4. It May Be Able to Replace Lost Income

Income replacement insurance can protect your income from your business should it be unable to operate following a covered calamity.

5. It Can Provide Automobile Coverage

Commercial auto insurance can cover any vehicles the company owns and may protect personal vehicles used for business.

6. It Can Cover You From Financial Loss Due to a Cyberattack

Cybersecurity and cyber liability insurance can protect your business from losses associated with cybercrime.

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Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL can customize a business insurance plan specifically for your business and your risks. Contact us today to discuss your commercial enterprise and for a custom quote.

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