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What is Your Excuse For Not Insuring Your Small Business?

Do you operate a small business in the Huntsville, AL, area? Do you have business insurance? Approximately 30% of all small businesses don’t carry any commercial insurance. At the Larry Burkman Agency, we’ve heard many reasons why. What’s your excuse for not having business insurance?

Is it too expensive?

Many small businesses assume it’s costly without getting a quote. Surprisingly, business insurance can be affordable.

Can’t afford it?

In reality, you may not be able to afford the risk of operating without it. An injury claim, fire, theft, or other unforeseen issues could quickly lead to closing your business without the safety net provided by insurance.

Think you don’t need it?

Most businesses face the risk of theft, vandalism, on-premise injury, cybercrime, loss of income, storm damage, fire, and more. Unless you can readily absorb these potential expenses, you need business insurance.

You don’t have much inventory or equipment?

You can still face a liability claim even without a lot of inventory or equipment. Vehicle insurance and protection against cybercrime are other potential considerations.

Planning to get it "someday?"

We’ve heard this excuse too often—usually when it’s too late. It’s crucial to understand everything about business insurance before deciding against it. Contact us at the Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville.

Get a quote today.

Obtaining a business insurance quote is straightforward. Contact the Larry Burkman Agency and provide answers to a few questions. We can discuss your business, your risks, and affordable solutions. You’re under no obligation or cost to learn more.

Secure the future of your Huntsville, AL small business. Call the Larry Burkman Agency today.

Is Your Homeowner’s Liability Protection Enough?

The Larry Burkman Agency, serving Huntsville, AL, and surrounding communities, advises every small business owner, every customer with a net worth of over $1 million dollars, and every customer who thinks they may come into money to consider an umbrella policy for all their personal liability protection needs.

An umbrella policy is supplemental insurance that pays out claims when other policies do not.

Why do higher-net-worth Alabama homeowners need umbrella coverage in addition to their homeowner’s policies, even with riders for high liability limits?

Here are some examples:

  • A Mobile, AL woman was awarded $1.7 million for injuries she sustained when she slipped and fell on laundry detergent. This judgment included $420,000 for her medical bills.
  • A Lauderdale, AL delivery driver was awarded $925,000 for injuries sustained from slipping on the floor during a delivery.
  • An Alabama personal injury firm advertises that it has secured personal injury judgments of $500,000 to $3.2 million for over 30 clients—each of whom collected that money from someone like you. Or maybe they didn’t collect because the judgment drove the defendant to bankruptcy.

If your family lives in a fine home you own outright, you need umbrella insurance. If you rent a nice house and have substantial savings and investments, you need umbrella insurance. If you own a dog, keep exotic animals, your teen has a problematic driving record, or you enjoy shooting sports, you may need umbrella insurance.

Umbrella policies protect you against the worst-case scenario, in which your auto and homeowner policies are exhausted.

Don’t let a court judgment for a mishap on your property wipe out decades of accumulated wealth. Ask your agent at the Larry Burkman Agency, serving Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding area, about the proper umbrella coverage for you.

Higher Insurance Risks Based on Make, Model and Condition of Car

In a perfect world, your impeccable driving record would be enough. Unfortunately, we live in a flawed society where accidents happen, and risk is attributed to specific car types.

The Larry Burkman Agency team in Huntsville, AL, understands all the nuances of insuring your vehicle. Other car insurance risk factors include make and model, condition (or age), and engine. Color is thought to indirectly affect your premiums. 

Make and Model

Sports cars often attract thieves. Some SUVs, Jeeps, and AWD vehicles, such as the Land Rover Range Rover, Honda CR-V, and BMW X6, are often on the “to-steal” list, too. Their engine power and resale value make them targets for higher insurance rates.

Engine and Features

Cars with a lower safety rating often cost more to cover. In addition, vehicles with larger, more powerful engines may raise an insurance premium. In the case of engine size, larger engines typically come with riskier driving because operators drive them faster, making your policy more expensive.

Condition and Age

Newer cars may result in paying higher premiums. That’s because replacing it would cost more, and the premiums often cover the depreciation of your vehicle. Otherwise, you may not be able to request a car like this after you have made your accident claim. 

Older cars are often less expensive to insure. However, they cost more to repair and could be deemed unsafe to drive. Depending on their condition, this could put them in a high-risk insurance bracket. 


Brighter cars often cost less to insure. They’re more noticeable, so people may witness one being stolen. The darker colors are also sometimes considered dangerous because you can’t always see them when driving at night. 

This guide concerning what affects your car insurance rates may leave you with more questions than answers. If so, please don’t hesitate to contact the Larry Burkman Agency serving Huntsville, AL.

Commercial Insurance’s Support for Social Impact Initiatives

Commercial insurance emerges as a vital ally around Huntsville, AL, offering tailored coverage and risk management solutions that empower organizations to effect positive societal change. From shielding against liabilities to safeguarding assets, commercial insurance bolsters the endeavors of social impact initiatives, ensuring their resilience and amplifying their reach.

Liability Protection: Safeguarding Mission-Driven Initiatives

Social impact initiatives often involve dynamic engagements with communities and stakeholders, making liability protection a critical aspect of their operations. Commercial insurance provides comprehensive coverage against legal expenses, medical bills, and damages incurred during these initiatives. This shield mitigates financial risks and fosters confidence among organizers and participants, encouraging sustained commitment to their mission.

Asset Protection: Ensuring Continuity in Service Delivery

The sustainability of social impact efforts hinges on preserving assets and operations. Commercial insurance extends coverage to facilities, equipment, and resources, safeguarding initiatives’ essential infrastructure. This protection enables organizations to navigate challenges without disruption, allowing them to focus on driving impact without fear of financial setbacks or losses.

Promoting Accessibility and Inclusivity

Commercial insurance promotes access and inclusivity within social impact initiatives by removing financial barriers to participation. Through liability coverage and risk management solutions, insurance companies enable organizations to offer affordable services, scholarships, and support for marginalized communities. This support ensures equitable access to opportunities for everyone.

Sustaining Impact: Long-Term Resilience and Growth

Sustainability is vital to the enduring success of social impact initiatives. Commercial insurance is pivotal in fostering long-term resilience by providing stability and protection against unforeseen risks. With coverage against accidents, property damage, and legal disputes, organizations can continue their work unabated, evolving and adapting to address changing societal needs.

How Larry Burkman Agency Can Help You

At Larry Burkman Agency, we can help answer questions concerning commercial insurance. We serve the Huntsville, AL, area. Call us today. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Injuries on My Property?

Home insurance is one form of insurance we offer here at the Larry Burkman Agency for those in the Huntsville, AL, area. Home insurance is a no-brainer for homeowners, providing them with the coverage they need in case they face a situation where their home and contents are damaged, and they need financial support to pick up the pieces and move forward. But while most homeowners are focused solely on having coverage in the event of an accident or purposeful damage caused by another, there’s an important question that some will raise when they’re thinking about all of the possibilities: does home insurance cover injuries that may take place on someone’s property? 

Does Home Insurance Cover Personal Liability?

Whether you’re worried about a service worker getting accidentally injured on your property or in your home, or you’re a landlord who wants to ensure they’re protected in case something happens to their tenants, it’s important to know if your insurance policy will keep you protected. The good news? Home insurance does offer coverage for personal injury claims. This means that should you be on the other end of a lawsuit filed by someone injured due to something on your property being neglected, you will have the financial protection you need to navigate the situation confidently. 

Start Here With the Larry Burkman Agency

Being without home insurance is something you never want to do, but finding the right policy can be difficult. Start your journey here with the Larry Burkman Agency if you live in Huntsville, AL, or surrounding areas. Get a quote, compare policies, or contact us if you need help navigating the process. If you have questions about home insurance, we’re here to help, too!

Auto Insurance Basics for Huntsville Drivers

If something is to happen to your automobile, you could be out of commission for a longer period of time than expected. Injuries are also common when accidents take place. At Larry Burkman Agency, we understand the needs of Huntsville, AL motorists instinctively. To find out more about auto insurance basics and how these policies assist local drivers, check out the following guide.

Consider Your Driving Frequency

The frequency at which you drive will play a major role in the policy that you select. Perhaps you are working from home now or maybe your children are riding the school bus this year. When these changes take place, your auto insurance policy needs to reflect that. On the other hand, those with longer commutes will have a different set of decisions to make.

Who Is Using The Vehicle?

Whether the vehicle is being utilized by a teenager who does pizza deliveries after school or you are lending it to an older relative, you will need to make sure that you have the right amount of coverage. Fortunately, Alabama residents have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their insurance follows the car, not the driver. No matter who is driving, you will be covered.

Research Your Potential Incentives

If you are a safe driver who prioritizes a steady hand behind the wheel, this can have a positive effect on your auto insurance policy. The more mindful you are as a driver, the more incentives are available to you. Bear this in mind if you have a number of moving violations on your record. These will have an adverse effect on your chosen policy.

Huntsville, AL residents who wish to learn more about a potential auto insurance policy are urged to contact Larry Burkman Agency as soon as possible. Our team of professionals will walk you through every aspect of the decision-making process.

Six Benefits of Commercial Insurance You May Not Be Aware Of

Business insurance is practical, protective, and potentially crucial to the future of your business. Some benefits are more obvious than others. Whether you own or operate a small business, one that is a start-up, or if you operate a large established company, commercial insurance can be very valuable. If you own a business in or around Huntsville, AL, here are six benefits of commercial insurance from the Larry Burkman Agency you may not be aware of.

Six Benefits of Commercial Insurance

1. It Can Build Consumer Confidence in Your Company

Advertising that your business is “fully insured” could be a competitive advantage. Consumers feel more confident in dealing with responsible organizations.

2. It provides Peace of Mind

Being a business owner is stressful enough without losing sleep over a slip-and-fall lawsuit or vandalism. You’ll sleep better knowing you are covered.

3. It Can Protect You from Theft

Business insurance can financially protect you from theft from the outside and from employees. Employee theft is one of the primary causes of small business bankruptcy.

4. It May Be Able to Replace Lost Income

Income replacement insurance can protect your income from your business should it be unable to operate following a covered calamity.

5. It Can Provide Automobile Coverage

Commercial auto insurance can cover any vehicles the company owns and may protect personal vehicles used for business.

6. It Can Cover You From Financial Loss Due to a Cyberattack

Cybersecurity and cyber liability insurance can protect your business from losses associated with cybercrime.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL can customize a business insurance plan specifically for your business and your risks. Contact us today to discuss your commercial enterprise and for a custom quote.

What to Expect After Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

If you’ve recently experienced an incident with your Huntsville, AL home that requires you to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, and it’s your first time filing one, you might have no idea what to expect. There is no reason to become stressed, as the process is relatively straightforward.

Here is a brief overview of how the process should go:

Gather All Supporting Documents

Before filing your claim, be sure to obtain copies of important supporting documents, such as a police report, if applicable, and clear photos of any damage. The better prepared you are when you file your claim, the easier it will be for your claim to be processed. 

File Your Claim 

Once you’ve gathered all the appropriate pictures as well as the police report, if applicable, you can contact your insurance company and file the claim. This can be done by phone, in person, or even online, depending on your insurance company. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you. 

Wait for a Determination

Once you’ve submitted your claim, you’ll have to wait for the determination. This could take a few weeks, or even a few months, if not longer. If the process is taking longer than expected, you can always contact your insurance company for an update. 

As you can see, the process of filing a homeowners’ insurance claim isn’t difficult and shouldn’t cause you stress. Simply follow these easy steps, and you should receive a determination in no time, hopefully in your favor. If you’ve decided that you’d like to find a new insurance company, you should consider giving us at Larry Burkman Agency a try. We at Larry Burkman Agency provide coverage for Huntsville, AL, and we go above and beyond to ensure each and every customer has an overall positive experience.  

Four Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

When you need auto insurance, there are many different types of coverage that can be included in your policy. These include types of liability coverage as well as coverage for your own damages. When you need auto insurance in Huntsville, AL, call us at Larry Burkman Agency. Don’t drive in the Rocket City without the insurance you need to protect yourself.  

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

These are two types of liability insurance that you’re required to have. When you have bodily injury liability coverage, it covers the other party’s medical bills that are due to the accident that you caused. If it’s judged that you’re the person at fault for the accident, you will owe all of the money for these medical bills. Bodily injury liability pays them as well as other costs such as legal bills and lost wages for the other party. 

Property damage liability also pays for the bills of the other person if you are at fault for the accident. This type pays for the vehicle damage or damage to other items such as personal items in the vehicle, damage to a building, etc. Both of these liability types are required by the state. 

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Comprehensive and collision coverage are two types that aren’t required in Alabama, but no driver should be without them. Comprehensive coverage is protection against many of the risks that a vehicle faces when you aren’t driving it. Collision coverage protects you by paying for the damage to your own vehicle if you are at fault for the accident. Both of these types are important to have for your own financial protection. 

Get Auto Insurance 

If you don’t have all of these essential types of auto insurance, call us at Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL to get started. 

How many different kinds of commercial insurance do I need for my small business?

Most small businesses are vulnerable to a variety of potential perils. Even if you do everything right, you cannot control everything that happens. Protecting your Huntsville, AL small business is important so that your business can move on and continue to thrive even after experiencing a setback. At the Larry Burkman Agency, we can help you look at your possible risks and choose the coverage that is right for you.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

The most common kind of policy small businesses get is a BOP. The BOP combines the most important kinds of coverage in one place, helping you coordinate claims and even saving you money. 

A BOP usually has two main parts:

  • Business property insurance protects your physical building, including its contents, in case of certain named perils, such as fire or vandalism.
  • Business liability insurance protects your business in case someone sues your business for property damage or bodily injury because of something that happened during the normal course of business.

Other Kinds Of Commercial Insurance

There are several other kinds of available protection, and you can choose only the ones you will need. If you are a licensed professional, you should add professional liability insurance. Business interruption insurance protects you during an unforeseen closure. Data breach insurance has become popular as criminals have become more adept at interfering with others’ computers. If you have five or more full- or part-time employees, your business will be legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. These are just a few examples.

We Are Here To Help

Make sure your Huntsville, AL small business has the protection it needs. If you are interested in adding protection, or if you just have questions about commercial insurance, please feel free to call the Larry Burkman Agency today.

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