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Higher Insurance Risks Based on Make, Model and Condition of Car

In a perfect world, your impeccable driving record would be enough. Unfortunately, we live in a flawed society where accidents happen, and risk is attributed to specific car types.

The Larry Burkman Agency team in Huntsville, AL, understands all the nuances of insuring your vehicle. Other car insurance risk factors include make and model, condition (or age), and engine. Color is thought to indirectly affect your premiums. 

Make and Model

Sports cars often attract thieves. Some SUVs, Jeeps, and AWD vehicles, such as the Land Rover Range Rover, Honda CR-V, and BMW X6, are often on the “to-steal” list, too. Their engine power and resale value make them targets for higher insurance rates.

Engine and Features

Cars with a lower safety rating often cost more to cover. In addition, vehicles with larger, more powerful engines may raise an insurance premium. In the case of engine size, larger engines typically come with riskier driving because operators drive them faster, making your policy more expensive.

Condition and Age

Newer cars may result in paying higher premiums. That’s because replacing it would cost more, and the premiums often cover the depreciation of your vehicle. Otherwise, you may not be able to request a car like this after you have made your accident claim. 

Older cars are often less expensive to insure. However, they cost more to repair and could be deemed unsafe to drive. Depending on their condition, this could put them in a high-risk insurance bracket. 


Brighter cars often cost less to insure. They’re more noticeable, so people may witness one being stolen. The darker colors are also sometimes considered dangerous because you can’t always see them when driving at night. 

This guide concerning what affects your car insurance rates may leave you with more questions than answers. If so, please don’t hesitate to contact the Larry Burkman Agency serving Huntsville, AL.

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