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Benefits of Comprehensive Home Policies

At the Larry Burkman Agency, we’re proud to help our friends and neighbors in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas with all of their insurance needs. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home policy, now’s an ideal time to do so. Give us a call or stop by the office today to learn more.

Is a Comprehensive Home Policy Right for You?

As you spend more time in your home, it becomes more of a part of your life. This makes it both a financial and an emotional investment. Once you’ve begun to create lifetime memories in your family home, it’s important to protect it. This is easy to do with the right homeowner’s policy. Now’s an ideal time to sit down with your local agent to review the options that are currently available in our area.

When you’re considering an upgrade to your home policy, there are a few features to look for when comparing policies. An increase in liability coverage is another way to boost your protection with a comprehensive policy for your home. If you have young children, you’ll want to have coverage for having to find temporary lodging due to a covered event. You’ll receive reimbursement for a hotel or another living situation while your home is repaired or replaced. This will help to minimize the disruption experienced by your family.

We’re here to help with all of your insurance needs!

If you live or work in the greater Huntsville, AL area, you can count on the team here at the Larry Burkman Agency. We’re here to help with all of your insurance needs, not just those relating to your home policy. Give us a call today or stop by our office to learn more about our helpful and professional services.

Roadworthy Protection: Get Auto Insurance for Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than getting into an auto accident and finding out that you or the other driver involved in the accident doesn’t have adequate auto insurance to repair or replace your vehicle. The auto insurance experts at Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL can answer your auto insurance questions and help you choose the best auto insurance policy for your needs. 

Why You Need Alabama Auto Insurance

Alabama state laws require that all drivers on the roads have adequate auto insurance to protect them in the case of an accidental collision with other drivers when auto accidents happen unexpectedly. 

Not having adequate auto insurance can lead to devastating financial losses and out-of-pocket expenses that most drivers can’t afford to pay all at once. Alabama auto insurance experts at Larry Burkman Agency can help you choose the best auto insurance coverage options to protect your investment based on your individual driving and insurance history. 

Talk to a knowledgeable agent to learn more about the benefits of non-collision coverage included in comprehensive and collision plans that can help drivers cover the costs of events like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Your agent can advise you on the best auto insurance policy options based on your driving history and your current insurance score.

A licensed auto insurance agent can help you understand the differences between collision-based liability insurance and non-collision-based insurance policies for comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Don’t get caught driving in Huntsville, AL without insurance! 

Avoid penalties and fines for driving without insurance and the potential costs for an at-fault accident. Contact the auto insurance experts at Larry Burkman Agency and get a free Alabama auto insurance quote today! 

How workers compensation insurance can protect both your business and your employees

Workers’ compensation insurance from Larry Burkman Agency is one of the most important types of insurance for businesses to have here in the Huntsville, AL area.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation

It provides financial protection to both employers and their employees in the event of an injury or illness sustained on the job. This type of insurance covers medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other benefits related to a workplace injury or illness. 

For employers, workers’ compensation insurance helps protect against costly lawsuits from injured employees who may be seeking compensation for their injury or illness. Without this coverage, an employer can face significant financial liability if an employee is hurt on the job. In addition, workers’ compensation insurance helps ensure that injured employees receive the necessary medical care and resources they need to recover from their injuries. 

For employees, workers’ compensation insurance provides peace of mind when it comes to being injured or ill at work. If they sustain an injury while working, then they can rest assured that their medical costs will be taken care of by the policy. Furthermore, this form of coverage offers them financial help during their recovery period so that they won’t be burdened with additional financial worries during such a difficult time. 

Overall, workers’ compensation insurance is essential for any business because it helps protect both the employer and employee from incurring expensive legal fees and also offers security for those unfortunate enough to experience a work-related injury or illness.

Reach Out To Us

For more information, give us at Larry Burkman Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Huntsville, AL area and would be happy to help you find a policy that not only meets your needs but your budget as well. 

The Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Maximizing your insurance coverage while minimizing your expenses is a smart financial move. By bundling your home and auto insurance policies, you can achieve both. In Huntsville, AL, the Larry Burkman Agency offers comprehensive insurance solutions for residents looking to protect their assets and save money.

Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance Policies

Bundling your home and auto insurance policies can result in significant cost savings. Insurance companies often offer discounts for bundling policies, which can lower your overall insurance premiums. It also simplifies your coverage management, as you only have one insurance provider to deal with. Additionally, bundling can make it easier to file claims, as you only have to deal with one company for both policies. This can save you time and reduce the stress of managing multiple claims.

Cost Savings

By bundling your policies, you can save money on your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts when you bundle home and auto policies, as it lowers their risk and administrative costs. Additionally, you’ll only need to make one payment to cover both policies, making it easier to manage your finances.

Simplified Coverage Management

Managing multiple insurance policies from different providers can be a headache. Bundling policies simplifies the process, as you’ll have one point of contact for all of your insurance needs. This can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your life.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Larry Burkman Agency offers comprehensive insurance solutions for Huntsville, AL residents. From home and auto insurance to life and business insurance, we can help you protect your assets and achieve your financial goals. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive insurance solutions and to receive a quote.

Types of auto insurance coverage you can add to your policy

At Larry Burkman Agency, serving the greater Huntsville, AL community, we are an independent insurance agency. What that means is that we do not work for one insurance carrier, we deal with many carriers, and we work for you. Our approach is to make sure that you have insurance that gives you exactly what you need at a price that makes sense with your lifestyle. 

A basic auto policy only includes liability coverage which protects other drivers from an accident you are responsible for. But there is much more that you can choose to add to your policy to make it meet your needs. 

Auto Insurance Add-Ons


Collision coverage covers your vehicle in an accident that you are responsible for. It can repair or replace your vehicle after a deductible is met. 


Comprehensive coverage covers most other things that might damage your vehicle other than a collision. It also provides theft coverage in the event your vehicle is stolen.

Gap coverage

If you have a brand-new vehicle and an auto loan, you may owe more than the insurance company will pay you for your totaled vehicle. This leaves you with a remaining dollar amount you would have to pay out of pocket. Gap coverage pays that difference.  

Uninsured or underinsured coverage

If your vehicle is damaged by a driver with no insurance or inadequate insurance, this coverage protects your vehicle. 

Rental coverage

If your car is damaged in an accident, this coverage provides a rental car so that you have transportation. 

Full glass

Full glass provides glass coverage for your windshield and other windows for total replacement or repair with no deductible. 

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Contact Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL for all your insurance needs. We will be here for you from the time you purchase your policy through any claims you may have.  

Why your home-based business needs commercial insurance

These days, having a home-based business makes good sense. It is cost-efficient not having to pay for a building to house your business. You may think that you don’t need commercial insurance for a home-based business, but that would be an incorrect decision. In Huntsville, AL,  our team of experts at the Larry Burkman Agency provides the commercial endurance advice you require. 

Why Commercial Insurance

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is different from home property insurance. It is a combination of property and content insurance. Your home insurance will not give your business the protection it needs. While it might cover a few things, it will not protect your business’s inventory. You need to have property coverage that is specific to the nature of your business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Your home policy does provide liability coverage, but if you are conducting business from your home and have customers or clients visiting, you will not be covered if they have a slip and fall and decide to sue. You need to have commercial liability coverage to protect yourself. 

Commercial auto insurance

If your business owns a vehicle, it needs to be covered by commercial auto insurance. Even if you own a vehicle, if you use it for business purposes and have an accident, your personal auto policy likely won’t cover you. 

Business interruption insurance

Your personal home insurance has nothing that is comparable to business interruption insurance. This insurance provides your business with the working cash it needs if there has been a covered peril. It helps you to be able to pay your bills, pay any employees you may have, and allow your business to survive being shut down.  

Reach Out To Us

Contact the Larry Burkman Agency, serving the greater Huntsville, AL community, when you are in need of an independent insurance agent to help with your commercial insurance needs. 

How to create and store a home inventory

Home is at the center of most people’s lives. It is where you go to be with family, where you feel safe, where you can relax, and more. Home insurance allows you to have peace of mind that the place you love is protected against the many things that could happen to damage your home. At Larry Burkman Agency in Huntsville, AL, we help our customers ensure they have the right coverage. 

How to create and store a home inventory

If you ever have to file a claim, and chances are you will file a claim at some point, being able to tell the insurance company what you lost can help to move the process along more quickly. A home inventory is a listing of all the things that you own in detail, and the insurance company accepts it as documentation of your possessions. 

You can do a video inventory, but you still need to supply backup documentation. Using a pad and pen is still a good option. Start in the room of your choice and write down exactly what is in that room. Open drawers, look in closets and don’t forget what is hanging on the wall. Give as much detail as possible, including brand name, model, and serial number. Take pictures to go along with the written inventory and attach any sales slips or receipts that you have. 

Do the same thing for every room in your home. You might be surprised by how much is actually in your linen closet. Don’t forget the attic and the basement.

When you are finished, it is important to place this important document in a safe place. A safe deposit box is a good idea or make a copy and place it in the cloud so that when you need it, it’s available. 

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